5 Reasons to Visit Fujairah in 2024

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The United Arab Emirates is a dream destination for many enthusiastic travelers. Luxurious lifestyles, amazing water sports, and rich culture are some potential reasons to travel to the country. But, if you like to avoid the common tourist places in the UAE, you can plan a trip to Fujairah. You will never miss the picturesque landscape and attractive coastline in Fujairah. So, find the top reasons for visiting Fujairah below.

Fujairah is not far away from Dubai. You can now check the list of reasons for choosing this place as the getaway.

Fascinating historical and heritage sites

The heritage and culture in Fujairah will surely impress you. The oldest mosque located in this place is Al Badiyah Mosque, which was established in the 14th century. There is a square minaret in the mud-brick structure.

Adjacent to the Fujairah Fort, there is a museum, which has 3 halls exhibiting archaeological items (such as pottery and weapons).

If you move towards the southwestern part of Fujairah City, you can find Al Hayl Castle. Sheikh Zayed mosque has a stunning structure beautified with marble and hand-knotted carpet.

Good opportunities for diving:

Scuba diving in Fujairah will make your trip memorable. The presence of turtles, vibrant-looking fish, and moray eels will give pleasure to divers.

The most popular diving zone in Fujairah is Dibba Rock, where you can find black-spotted reef sharks and green turtles. Besides, you can explore Sharm Rock, which has a lot of soft corals.

The formation of rock on Snoopy Island gives the best experience to scuba divers. It is also an amazing place, where you will encounter boxfish, parrotfish, and angelfish.

Calm and tranquil beaches:

Tourists who want to refresh their minds can explore Fujairah beaches during their vacation. You can visit the Umbrella Beach to find an undisturbed view of the sea. There is a family-friendly beach with a special area for kids.

Besides, Fujairah Public Beach is a budget-friendly destination where you will enjoy watersports and snorkeling. Dadna Beach also has an astonishing beauty with light blue water and tiny fish.

Bullfighting or bull butting:

Bull butting in the UAE is different from bullfighting in Spain. It is a bloodless sport where Brahmin bulls show their strength. This activity has gained the attention of both visitors and locals. The owner has to bring the biggest bull to the event. So, if you want to watch the contest, you can visit Fujairah.

Mountains and natural beauty:

Khor Kalba Nature Reserve is one of the best sites for travelers in Fujairah where you can encounter white-collared kingfishers. During your road trip, you will come across agricultural areas. Moreover, the Hajar Mountain Range has created an awe-inspiring landscape with its deep valleys and rocky peaks. Nature lovers may also visit Kalba Corniche Park, which presents a beachfront and green space for a perfect setting.

These are some reasons for planning a tour to Fujairah. Whether you are in the UAE or other countries, you can explore this city.

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